Sam Shepard, Lombard resident and Pulitzer-winning playwright, dies at 73 - July 27, 2017


It was announced today the playwright and actor, Sam Shepard, passed away at his home in Kentucky at the age of 73. For many people, Sam Shepard appeared to be a product of the American West with his rugged looks and many of his plays featured the sparse landscapes as part of the story.

Sam Shepard, whose real name is Samuel Shepard Rogers III, was born at Fort Sheridan, Illinois to Samuel Shepard Rogers II and Jane Schook Rogers. His mother Jane was born in Lombard in the family home on Hickory Street and his father grew up in Lombard on Columbine Ave (Rte 53). Jane Schook Rogers was a teacher and Sam Rogers II served in the US Army during World War II.

Sam Rogers II was not the only member of his family in the military during the war – brother Bill served in the army and participated in the landing at Normandy; a brother, Dan, was in service; and even a sister, Elizabeth, served as a WAVE in the US Navy. Sam Shepard’s maternal grandfather was the noted landscape artist, Frederick D Schook, and on his father’s side, his great-grandmother Mary Howe Rogers was known as the founder of the public library in Crystal Lake, Illinois as well as an early kindergarten school in Chicago in the late 1800s.

The photos above are of three of the Rogers family from World War 2:
Sam Rogers II; Sam & Bill Rogers; and Elizabeth Rogers.

Chicago Tribune Obituary