Sweet's Civil War Encampment
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July 26 - 27, 2014
Four Seasons Park
Lombard, IL

More than 5,000 visitors enjoyed the 2013 encampment! Thank you to everyone who came out to Four Seasons Park to view skirmishes, meet re-enactors, and experience living history.
We also give a huge thank you to the Lombard Park District for permitting us to use the beautiful Four Seasons Park!

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Why "Sweet's" Civil War Encampment? Colonel Benjamin Sweet, later General Sweet, ran Camp Douglas in Chicago. Douglas held thousands of confederate prisoners during the Civil War, and is sometimes called the “Andersonville of the North."
Benjamin Sweet moved to Babcock's Grove - the original name of Lombard - after the war and was one of the founders who platted this town in 1869. 


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